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Use of PET/MR Imaging in Chronic Pain

The investigators are studying the ability of PET/MR imaging (using the PET tracer [18F]FDG) to objectively identify and characterize pain generators in patients suffering from chronic pain.

Stanford is currently accepting patients for this trial.

Lead Sponsor:

Stanford University

Collaborator: GE Healthcare


  • Drug: [18F]FDG
  • Device: PET/MRI


Phase 1


Inclusion Criteria:

   - Age 18 years or older.

   - Clinically diagnosed chronic pain lasting greater than 2 months. Some example
   diagnoses include (but not limited to): Low back pain, sciatica, complex regional pain
   syndrome, post-traumatic pain, peripheral nerve injury, fibromyalgia, neuropathy,
   osteoarthritis, cancer pain, persistent post-operative pain, traumatic brain injury,
   pain from chronic cerebrospinal fluid leak, headache/migraine, chronic pruritus,
   rheumatologic disease, neuropathy (diabetic-induced, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, CIDP), etc.

   - Provides informed consent.

   - On a typical day, the subject must have a minimum pain level of 4 on a 0-10
   Comparative Pain Scale.

Exclusion Criteria:

   - Presence of MRI-incompatible materials/devices.

   - Diabetes.

   - Severe claustrophobia.

   - Diagnosed psychiatric disorder that, in the opinion of the investigator, would impede
   participation in the study.

   - Pregnant or nursing.

   - Severe comorbid conditions.

   - Unable to read or complete questionnaires in English.

   - Any other condition, which in the opinion of the investigator would impede compliance
   or hinder completion of the study.

Ages Eligible for Study

18 Years - N/A

Genders Eligible for Study


Now accepting new patients

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School of Medicine
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Sandip Biswal, MD