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Hypertonic Saline as Therapy for Pediatric Concussion

This single center, blinded, randomized controlled trial evaluated the use of hypertonic saline versus normal saline as therapy for the symptoms of pediatric concussion post head injury.

The study hypothesis was that hypertonic saline would improve symptoms of pediatric concussion following head injury as measured on the self-reported Wong Baker Faces Pain Scale as compared to normal saline.

The null hypothesis was that there would be no difference in change of reported pain in either group.

Stanford is currently not accepting patients for this trial.

Lead Sponsor:

University of California, San Diego

Stanford Investigator(s):


  • Drug: Hypertonic Saline
  • Other: Normal Saline


Phase 1/Phase 2


Inclusion Criteria:

   - 4-17 years old

   - consent obtained

   - pain as a symptom of concussion

   - head CT negative for intracranial pathology

Exclusion Criteria:

   - younger than 4 years or older than 17 years

   - multi trauma

   - cardiac, neuro, renal history of disease

   - seizure

   - narcotic, drug use

   - pregnancy

   - head CT with traumatic intracranial pathology

   - no consent

Ages Eligible for Study

4 Years - 17 Years

Genders Eligible for Study


Not currently accepting new patients for this trial

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Stanford University
School of Medicine
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