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Localized Therapeutics for the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders

The purpose of this study is to determine the patient preference for a biocompatible thermosensitive solution-gel versus water or saline (liquid) enema. The thermosensitive solution-gel is comprised of poloxamer, an inactive compound that is designated as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by FDA. It could subsequently be used as a medium for drug delivery. The poloxamer (gel) is administered to study participants in order to assess preference and proximal distribution.

Stanford is currently accepting patients for this trial.

Lead Sponsor:

Stanford University

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  • Other: Thermosensitive gel rectal formulation
  • Other: Saline enema




Inclusion Criteria:

   - Generally healthy

   - Age 18 to 70 years old

   - Non-pregnant

Exclusion Criteria:

   - GI complaints

   - Pregnancy

   - Patients with previous colonic surgery or current bowel injury or obstruction

   - Allergies to contrast

Ages Eligible for Study

18 Years - N/A

Genders Eligible for Study


Now accepting new patients

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Stanford University
School of Medicine
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94305
Sidhartha Sinha, MD