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PET/MRI in the Diagnosis of Chronic Pain

Several studies have implicated involvement of sigma-1 receptors (SR1s) in the generation of chronic pain, while others are investigating anti SR1 drugs for treatment of chronic pain. Using [18F]-FTC-146 and positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance imaging (PET/MRI), the investigators hope to identify the source of pain generation in patients with chronic pain. The purpose of this study is to compare the uptake of [18F]FTC-146 in healthy volunteers to that of individuals suffering from chronic pain.

Stanford is currently accepting patients for this trial.

Lead Sponsor:

Stanford University

Collaborator: GE Healthcare

Stanford Investigator(s):


  • Drug: [18F]FTC-146


Phase 1


Inclusion Criteria:

Healthy Volunteers:

1. At least 18 years old.

Pain Patients:

   1. At least 18 years old.

   2. Chronic pain (nociceptive, neuropathic or mixed pain) lasting greater than 2 months.

   3. Pain level of at least 4/10 on a 0-10 Comparative Pain Scale.

Exclusion Criteria:

Healthy Volunteers:

   1. Pain

   2. Pain Medication

   3. MRI incompatible

   4. Pregnant or nursing

   5. Non-English speaker

Pain Patients:

   1. MRI incompatible

   2. Pregnant or nursing

   3. Non-English speaker

Ages Eligible for Study

18 Years - N/A

Genders Eligible for Study


Now accepting new patients

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