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Performance Nutrition for Residents and Fellows

Currently, residents commonly experience dehydration and poor nutrition during nighttime duty hours as a result of heavy work load, lack of time to take nutrition and hydration breaks, or limited or no access to healthy food and drinks which may affect residents' work performance. The goal of this study is to compare the effects of two different meal compositions with no typical dietary practices (existing conditions) on work performance of the on-call residents during night shifts.

Stanford is currently not accepting patients for this trial.

Lead Sponsor:

Stanford University

Collaborator: American Medical Association


  • Other: Dietary Modification




Inclusion Criteria:

   - All residents and fellows performing in hospital overnight work

   - Must be able to eat plant source foods (e.g. soy, nuts, seeds) and animal source foods
   (e.g. meat, eggs, dairy products)

Exclusion Criteria:

   - Food allergies or sensitivities

   - Prior anaphylactic reaction to food

   - Strict dietary restrictions (e.g. vegan, gluten free)

Ages Eligible for Study

21 Years - N/A

Genders Eligible for Study


Not currently accepting new patients for this trial

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School of Medicine
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