Applying Novel Technologies and Methods to Self-Regulation: Behavior Change Tools for Smoking and Binge Eating

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Trial ID: NCT03687658


This study will evaluate the extent to which we can engage and manipulate putative targets within the self-regulation domain within and outside of laboratory settings in samples of smokers and overweight/obese individuals with binge eating disorder. This is the fourth phase of a study that aims to identify putative mechanisms of behavior change to develop an overarching "ontology" of self-regulatory processes.

Official Title

Applying Novel Technologies and Methods to Inform the Ontology of Self-Regulation: Aim 4

Stanford Investigator(s)

Judith Prochaska

Senior Associate Vice Provost, Clinical Research Governance and Professor of Medicine (Stanford Prevention Research Center)


Inclusion Criteria:

   - Understand English sufficiently to provide informed consent

   - Right-handed

   - Normal or corrected-to-normal vision and no color blindness

   - Interest in engaging with Laddr to modify self-regulatory behavior

Additional Inclusion Criteria for Smoking sample:

   - Smoke 5 or more tobacco cigarettes/day for past year

   - BMI greater than or equal to 17 and less than 27

Additional Inclusion Criteria for Binge Eating Sample:

   - BMI greater than or equal to 27 and less than 45

   - Weight limit of 350 lbs

   - Non-smoking (defined as no cigarettes in past 12 months-this includes former and never

Exclusion Criteria:

   - Significant medical illness

   - History of mental disorder due to a medical condition

   - Lifetime history of major psychotic disorders (including schizophrenia and bipolar

   - Current use of any medication for psychiatric reasons (including stimulants and mood

Additional Exclusion criteria for Binge Eating Sample:

   - Lost weight in recent past (>10 pounds in past 6 months)

   - Currently in a weight-loss program (e.g., Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig)

   - Currently on a special diet for a serious health condition

   - Current engagement in psychotherapy for binge eating disorder

Additional Exclusion Criteria for Smoking Sample:

   - Binge eating behavior

   - Current engagement in psychotherapy for smoking behavior


behavioral: Laddr

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