Doctors and Web-based Self-management Support Pilot Study

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Trial ID: NCT01220310


Doctors and web-based self-management support pilot study will test whether health professionals' observation of an online patient workshop on self-management of diabetes and participation in structured learning sessions on self-management strategies will change the attitudes and confidence of physicians and other health professionals regarding their willingness and ability to perform self-management interventions with patients. If this pilot suggests that attitudes and confidence levels can change, we hope to launch a larger study to examine this method of learning and its effectiveness in more detail.

Official Title

Doctors and Web-based Self-management Support Pilot Study.

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Inclusion Criteria:Health professional at primary care clinic of participating site
identified by their residency director and/or clinic manager as having the schedule
flexibility to attend (convenience sample). Can include physicians (residents and
attendings), registered nurses, medical assistants, dieticians, community health workers,
and the like. In the case of the residents, they will be on outpatient clinic blocks for
the month of the learning sessions, and the program directors have the ability to free up
their schedules to allow for participation in the learning sessions. Exclusion Criteria:The
health professionals that do not want to participate, or are not working at one of partner
sites, or the residency director and/or clinic manager determines that the health
professional's schedule does not have the flexibility in it to allow for regular
participation in the learning sessions.


behavioral: Online diabetes workshop observation and learning sessions

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