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Evaluation of Propranolol's Effect on Pain and Inflammation.

Previous studies have shown that the beta-adrenergic system plays a role in processing pain and the expression of hyperalgesia. Recent studies have investigated the analgesic effects, and potential anti-hyperalgesic effects (using a model of opioid induced (OIH) hyperalgesia) of propranolol, a beta adrenergic antagonist. We plan to further investigate the analgesic effects, and the potential anti inflammatory effects, of propranolol and compare those effects to alfentanil, an opioid of known effect, and placebo

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Martin Angst

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  • Drug: Alfentanil
  • Drug: Propranolol
  • Drug: Placebo




Inclusion Criteria:1) Age 18-65 2) Skin type II-IV according to classification of
Fitzpatrick 3) Willing and able to sign an informed consent form and Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) authorization and to comply with study

Exclusion Criteria:1) History of acute or chronic illness that contraindicate the use of
propranolol, may hinder study procedures, or confuse interpretation of the data (e.g.
cardiac, dermatological, neurological, psychiatric or addictive diseases) 2) Clinically
significant cardiovascular, pulmonary, hepatic or renal diseases 3) Pregnant or
breast-feeding 4) Intake of prescription drugs with anti/pro-inflammatory action 5) Intake
of prescription drugs with anti/pro-analgesic action 6) Inability to abstain from any
anti/pro-inflammatory, or analgesic drugs 48 hours before, or during the study session 7)
Inability to obtain at least 6 hours of sleep during the night preceding the study session
8) Known sensitivity or allergy to propranolol or alfentanil 9) Any history of drug or
alcohol abuse

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