A Study Evaluating The PF-03084014 In Combination With Docetaxel In Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer

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Trial ID: NCT01876251


This study is aimed to determine the tolerability of the PF-03084014 plus docetaxel combination in patients with advanced breast cancer. Preliminary information about the efficacy of the combination will also be collected.

Official Title

Phase 1b Study Of Docetaxel + Pf 03084014 In Metastatic Or Locally Recurrent/Advanced Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Stanford Investigator(s)

Mark Pegram

Susy Yuan-Huey Hung Professor

Allison W. Kurian, M.D., M.Sc.
Allison W. Kurian, M.D., M.Sc.

Professor of Medicine (Oncology) and of Epidemiology and Population Health


Inclusion Criteria:

* Diagnosis of breast cancer with evidence of a) metastatic or b) locally recurrent/advanced disease.

Exclusion Criteria:

* Prior treatment with a gamma secretase inhibitors or other Notch signaling inhibitors.


drug: PF-03084014

drug: PF-03084014

drug: PF-03084014

drug: Docetaxel

drug: Docetaxel

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