An Evaluation of LASIK, SMILE and PRK Surgery in Physicians


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Trial ID: NCT02576483


The principle investigator is evaluating self-reported quality of vision and quality of life in physicians undergoing LASIK, SMILE and PRK surgery.

Official Title

An Evaluation of Quality of Vision and Quality of Life With LASIK, SMILE and PRK Surgery in Physicians

Stanford Investigator(s)

Edward Manche, MD
Edward Manche, MD

Professor of Ophthalmology


Inclusion criteria.

* 21 years or older.
* A physician or medical student.
* Have the ability to give informed consent.
* Speak and read English fluently.
* Have not previously had any form of refractive surgery, including prior LASIK or cataract surgery.
* May benefit from increased spectacle independence.
* Have been determined to be a good candidate for the LASIK, SMILE or PRK procedure based on the investigator's assessment of medical and ophthalmic health, general cognitive function, and physical and social limitations.
* Have a treatment target of bilateral emmetropia.
* Express willingness and potential ability to return for all follow-up examinations through the 12-month follow-up exam under the care of the treating investigator.
* Are not enrolled in any other research study.

Exclusion criteria.

* Subjects under the age of 21.
* Patients with excessively thin corneas.
* Patients with topographic evidence of keratoconus.
* Patients with ectatic eye disorders.
* Patients with autoimmune diseases.
* Patients who are pregnant or nursing.


behavioral: Questionnaire (QoV questionnaire)


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