An RCT of a Primary Care-Based PTSD Intervention: Clinician-Supported PTSD Coach

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Trial ID: NCT02685358


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an often severe and frequently disabling condition. It is associated with compromised health, early mortality, and substantial economic costs. PTSD is common in VA primary care patients; however, brief, effective treatments for PTSD are not available in the primary care setting. Instead, patients with PTSD are referred to mental health settings, yet many patients do not accept these referrals or do not adequately engage in such services. Thus, this project seeks to improve health care for Veterans by testing the effectiveness of a primary care-based treatment called clinician-supported PTSD Coach. In this treatment a primary care mental health clinician guides patients in using the PTSD Coach mobile app to learn about PTSD symptoms, treatment options, and strategies to cope with common PTSD-related concerns. If this treatment is found to be effective at reducing PTSD symptoms and increasing use of mental health care, it will provide a tremendous benefit to Veterans with PTSD seen in VA primary care.

Official Title

An RCT of a Primary Care-Based PTSD Intervention: Clinician-Supported PTSD Coach

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Inclusion Criteria:

   - Veterans enrolled in primary care within the VA Syracuse and Palo Alto healthcare
   systems reporting 33 on the PTSD Checklist-5 (PCL-5) and a traumatic event on the
   Criterion A screener

Exclusion Criteria:

   - Patients will be excluded if they demonstrate symptoms that would not allow them to
   actively engage in the CS PTSD Coach, i.e.,

      - gross cognitive impairment

   - Current symptoms of mania or psychosis or who have more pressing concerns that need to
   be addressed first, i.e.,

      - suicide attempt in the last two months or current intent to commit suicide

   - Patients with recent suicide attempts or intent are eligible to be enrolled follow the
   receipt of suicide prevention services

   - The investigators will also exclude patients that are already receiving psychotherapy
   or MH counseling for PTSD outside of PC

   - Started or changed the dose of a psychotropic medication for PTSD in the last two
   months that was prescribed outside of VA PC

   - Voice a preference to be directly referred to MH specialty care


behavioral: Clinician-Supported PTSD Coach

behavioral: Primary Care Mental Health Integrated Care as Usual

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