Cycled Phototherapy


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Trial ID: NCT03927833


Cycled phototherapy (PT) is likely to increase survival over that with continuous PT among extremely premature infants (\< 750 g BW or \<27 weeks GA).

Official Title

Cycled Phototherapy: A Safer Effective Method to Control the Serum Bilirubin Of Extremely Premature Infants?

Stanford Investigator(s)


Inclusion Criteria:

1. Infants is inborn
2. Infant is ≤ 750 grams at birth and/or \< 27 weeks gestation at birth by best OB estimate
3. Infant is 12-36 hours of age.

Exclusion Criteria:

1. Unable to enroll infant by 36 hours of age
2. Previous phototherapy
3. Known hemolytic disease
4. TSB reported as \>6.0 mg/dL before 12 hours age
5. Major anomaly
6. Overt nonbacterial infection
7. Infant is likely to expire soon: Limiting or withdrawal of intensive care is being recommended to the parents, the parents are requesting withdrawal of care, or the pH is \< 6.80 or persistent bradycardia with hypoxemia for \>2h.


device: Phototherapy lights


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