Capsule Microbiota Sampling in IBS/Functional Gastrointestinal Disease


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Trial ID: NCT06215222


We will sample intestinal microbiota using a microbiome sampling capsule in Healthy, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and Functional Gastrointestinal Disease.

Official Title

Capsule Microbiota Sampling in IBS/Functional Gastrointestinal Disease

Stanford Investigator(s)

Sean Paul Spencer, MD,PhD

Instructor, Medicine - Gastroenterology & Hepatology


Inclusion Criteria:

   - Males or females 18 years of age or older and 70 years of age or younger at the time
   of the first Screening Visit.

   - American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Physical Status Classification System 1 or
   2 (1-A normal healthy patient or 2-A patient with mild systemic disease)

   - For women of childbearing potential, negative urine pregnancy test within 7 days of
   Screening Visit. Willingness to use highly effective contraception during the entire
   study period (e.g.: implants, injectables, oral contraceptives, intra-uterine device
   or declared abstinence).

   - Subject is fluent in English and understands the study protocol and informed consent
   and is willing and able to comply with study requirements and sign the informed
   consent form.

   - Positive for at least one clinical symptoms consistent with SIBO and or IBS and or a
   Rome Diagnosis of functional GI disorder (Rome IV criteria)

Exclusion Criteria:

   - History of any of the following:

      - Prior gastric or esophageal surgery, including lap banding or bariatric surgery

      - Bowel obstruction

      - Gastric outlet obstruction

      - Diverticulitis

      - Inflammatory bowel disease

      - Ileostomy or colostomy

      - Gastric or esophageal cancer

      - Achalasia

      - Esophageal diverticulum

   - Active Dysphagia or Odynophagia

   - Active medication use for any gastrointestinal conditions

   - Pregnancy or planned pregnancy within 30 days from Screening Visit, or breast-feeding

   - Any form of active substance abuse or dependence (including drug or alcohol abuse),
   unstable medical or psychiatric disorder, or any chronic condition susceptible, in the
   opinion of the investigator, to interfere with the conduct of the study


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Stanford University
School of Medicine
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Sean Spencer, MD/PhD