Effects of Dietary Antioxidants on Cardiovascular Risk Factors

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Trial ID: NCT00756405


The aim of the Antioxidant Study was to compare the efficacy of foods naturally rich in antioxidants with that of antioxidants in a pill form on markers of inflammation and plasma cholesterol in healthy adults at risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Potential Health Benefits of Dietary Antioxidants From Supplements v. Foods

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Inclusion Criteria:Overweight/obesity; high LDL cholesterol, pre-hypertension.

Exclusion Criteria:1. Daily intake of \> 5 servings of vegetables and fruits 2. Fasting blood glucose \>140 mg/dL 3. BMI \>40 4. Liver or renal disease; Atherosclerosis (e.g., CAD, PAD); Malignant neoplasm; Ongoing infection; Inflammatory disease 5.Currently taking the following medications: Anti-inflammatory drugs Lipid lowering drugs Anti-hypertensive drugs Calcium containing drugs Drugs known to affect blood coagulation Drugs known to affect antioxidant status 6. Pregnant or lactating 7. Inability to communicate effectively with study staff


behavioral: Antioxidant diet

dietary_supplement: Antioxidant supplement

dietary_supplement: Placebo

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