Evaluation of the Ability to Detect Bowel Gas During Laparoscopic Surgery

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Trial ID: NCT02679118


This study will determine the ability of the device to draw a small amount of gas from an insufflated abdomen during laparoscopic surgery and accurately detect if gaseous content from the bowel is present.

Official Title

Evaluation of the Ability to Detect Bowel Gas During Laparoscopic Surgery

Stanford Investigator(s)

Dan E. Azagury, MD, FACS
Dan E. Azagury, MD, FACS

Associate Professor of Surgery (General Surgery)


Inclusion Criteria:

1. Age 18 - 60 years old with the diagnosis of morbid obesity, who qualifies for laparoscopic gastric bypass surgical therapy, and has elected to undergo laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.
2. Receiving care in the Stanford Hospital General Surgery Bariatric Surgery Clinic under the care of Dr. Dan Azagury
3. The patient is scheduled for laparoscopic roux en y gastric bypass surgery, with Dr. Azagury.
4. Willing and cognitively able to sign informed consent.

Exclusion Criteria:

1. Lack of or inability to provide informed consent.
2. Less than 18 years of age or greater than 60 years of age
3. Planned deviation from the standard laparoscopic gastric bypass operation
4. Conversion intra-operatively from a laparoscopic gastric bypass to an alternative laparoscopic surgical operation or to an open gastric bypass operation.
5. Enrollment in another device or drug study that may confound results.


device: Sentire

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