Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of Hypnosis and Mindfulness Meditation

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Trial ID: NCT01135810


Hypnotic trance and mindfulness meditation have both been shown to have benefits for physical health. The current study seeks to determine if there are distinct patterns of brain activity that correlate with hypnotic trance, mindfulness meditation or both, and to relate these patterns to measurable markers of physical well-being. Precise neuroimaging of heightened attentional states will guide future researchers and practitioners toward more effective techniques of mind/body control.

Official Title

Resting State Functional MRI Investigation of Hypnotic Trance and Mindfulness Meditation

Stanford Investigator(s)

David Spiegel
David Spiegel

Jack, Lulu and Sam Willson Professor of Medicine


Inclusion Criteria:

   - Participants must not have contraindications to the MRI exam, such as metal in the

Exclusion Criteria:

   - Contraindications to the MRI exam, such as metal in the body.

   - Use of psychotropic medications.


behavioral: Meditation

behavioral: Hypnosis

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