Group Visits to Improve Hypertension Management

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Trial ID: NCT00129493


This study investigates group medical visits as a quality improvement strategy for hypertension. It studies group visits in which patients see their own primary care provider together with other patients who have hypertension. The group visits are intended to enhance the patient's self-efficacy for self-management of their chronic disease (hypertension).

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Group Visits to Improve Hypertension Management

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Inclusion Criteria:

Subjects include both health care professionals and their patients. The included health
care professionals are primary care clinicians practicing at VA Palo Alto who have their
own panels of patients for whom they provide primary care. Included patients are patients
of these primary care clinicians; the patients must have a diagnosis of hypertension and at
least one blood pressure in the previous year that was above guideline-target for that
patient, and patient must be approved by the primary care clinician as suitable for a group
medical visit.

Exclusion Criteria:

Primary care clinicians with very small patient panels (too small for recruitment of
patients for group visits) ae excluded. Patients are excluded by their primary care
clinician using clinical judgment; typical reasons for exclusion include terminal illness,
dementia that would make patient unable to participate in group discussions. Because
primary care clinicians located at main study site do not provide primary care to children,
no children will be included in the sample.


behavioral: Group medical visits

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