Group Therapies for Reducing HIV-risk Behavior in Women Who Have Survived Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Trial ID: NCT00220597


This study will evaluate the effectiveness of trauma-focused group therapy for reducing HIV-risk behavior and revictimization among adult women survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA).

Official Title

Group Interventions to Prevent HIV in High Risk Women

Stanford Investigator(s)

David Spiegel
David Spiegel

Jack, Lulu and Sam Willson Professor of Medicine


Inclusion Criteria:

   - 1. Female. 2. 18 years of age or older. 3. English-speaking. 4. Has at least two
   explicit memories of sexual abuse that involved genital contact.

   5. At least two sexual abuse events occurred when the survivor was between 4 and15
   years of age.

   6. The perpetrator was at least 5 years older than the survivor. 7. The survivor knew
   the perpetrator prior to the sexual abuse. 8. The survivor has discussed or attempted
   to discuss details of the sexual abuse previously with another person (e.g., family
   member, friend, or therapist) at least 6 months prior to being interviewed for the

   9. Meets DSM-IV criteria for current PTSD. 10. Provides informed consent.

And at least one of the following:

11. Has been sexually revictimized within the previous year. 12. Has engaged in risky
sexual behavior within the previous year. 13. Meets DSM-IV criteria for substance abuse

Exclusion Criteria:

   - Criteria for exclusion includes any of the following:

      1. Diagnosed as meeting one of the following diagnostic categories: schizophrenia
      and other psychotic disorders; dementia and delirium and amnestic or other
      cognitive disorders.

      2. Reports ritual abuse.

      3. Is currently receiving psychotherapy (including individual or group

      4. Individuals who are alcohol or drug dependent as defined by the DSM-IV.

      5. Individuals who are currently suicidal (i.e. within the last month)


behavioral: Trauma-focused group therapy

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