Greenlight Plus Study: Approaches to Early Childhood Obesity Prevention

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Trial ID: NCT04042467


A randomized controlled trial enrolling 900 parent-infant dyads (English and Spanish speaking) comparing Greenlight (control), a behavioral intervention focusing on nutrition, physical activity, media use, and sleep as compared to Greenlight Plus (intervention) which includes the above materials plus a health information technology (HIT) intervention aimed at supporting family goal-setting and behavior change during well-child checks throughout the first 2 years of life.

Official Title

Greenlight Plus Study: A Randomized Study of Approaches to Early Childhood Obesity Prevention

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Inclusion Criteria:

For this study, eligible caregiver/infant dyads will be those with:

   1. an English- or Spanish-speaking parent/legal guardian,

   2. infant born in the newborn nursery with plans to have care in the local clinic OR
   presenting in that clinic for the first newborn visit (1-21 days of life),

   3. attendance at first newborn clinic visit

   4. no plans to leave the clinic within 2 years

   5. Completion of baseline data collection (survey data, child weight and length measures
   prior to randomization).

   6. Own a smartphone with access to data services

Exclusion Criteria:

Infant exclusion criteria:

   1. born prior to 34 weeks gestation or birth weight <1500 grams; weight <3rd %tile at
   enrollment (World Health Organization growth curves); or

   2. any chronic medical problem that may affect weight gain (e.g., metabolic disease,
   uncorrected congenital heart disease, renal disease, high-calorie formula; cleft
   palate; Down syndrome).

Caregiver exclusion criteria include:

   1. <18 years old;

   2. serious mental or neurologic illness that impairs ability to consent/participate;

   3. poor visual acuity (corrected vision worse than 20/50 with Rosenbaum Screener).

   4. biological mother is HIV-positive


behavioral: Greenlight Plus

behavioral: Greenlight

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