Health and Recovery Program in Increasing Physical Activity Level in Stage IA-IIIA Endometrial Cancer Survivors

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Trial ID: NCT03367923


This randomized phase II trial studies how well a health and recovery program works in increasing physical activity level in stage IA-IIIA endometrial cancer survivors. Health and recovery program which includes exercise counseling, Fitbit tracker, and phone or email/text communication may increase the level of physical activity in endometrial cancer survivors and promote and maintain behavior change at a lower cost.

Official Title

Step Into Wellness: A Program of Health and Recovery for Endometrial Cancer Survivors

Stanford Investigator(s)

Elizabeth Kidd
Elizabeth Kidd

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology (Radiation Therapy)

Oliver Dorigo, M.D., Ph.D.
Oliver Dorigo, M.D., Ph.D.

Mary Lake Polan Professor

Amer Karam
Amer Karam

Clinical Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology - Gynecologic Oncology


Inclusion Criteria:

* Stage IA-IIIA endometrial cancer patients with pathology reviewed at Stanford
* Patients must have undergone surgery as a part of their treatment for their endometrial cancer
* At least 3 months post treatment
* BMI \> 25
* Life expectancy of at least one year
* Able to perform physical activity of walking
* Possession of a computer and/or smart phone and/or smart tablet
* Must be English or Spanish speaking

Exclusion Criteria:

* Other active cancer
* Receiving chemotherapy or other active treatment
* BMI \< 60
* Diagnosis of uterine serous carcinoma or uterine sarcoma


other: Communication Intervention

other: Counseling

other: Fitbit tracker

other: Quality-of-Life Assessment

other: Questionnaire Administration

behavioral: Telephone-Based Intervention

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