In Vivo Characterization of Macrophages in Pediatric Patients With Malignant Brain Tumors Using Ferumoxytol-enhanced MRI

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Trial ID: NCT03179449


This pilot early phase I trial studies how well ferumoxytol-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) correlates with inflammatory (macrophage) responses in pediatric patients with malignant brain tumors. If there is good correlation, ferumoxytol-enhanced MRI can serve as a noninvasive imaging biomarker of inflammation.

Official Title

MR Imaging of Inflammatory Responses in the Central Nervous System With Ferumoxytol-Enhanced MRI (Pediatric Brain Tumor Protocol)

Stanford Investigator(s)

Michael Iv
Michael Iv

Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology


Inclusion Criteria:

   - Any patient with suspected malignant brain tumor on diagnostic MR imaging who will
   undergo a resection

Exclusion Criteria:

   - Informed consent cannot be obtained either from the patient or legal representative

   - Severe coexisting or terminal systemic disease that may interfere with the conduct of
   the study

   - Contraindication to MRI (metal implants)

   - Hemosiderosis/hemochromatosis

   - Iron overload from any cause (not just hemosiderosis or hemochromatosis), even if
   secondary to frequent blood transfusions, severe chronic hemolysis, excess dietary or
   parenteral iron, or any other etiology

   - Known hypersensitivity to ferumoxytol or any of its components

   - Pregnant patients


diagnostic test: Diagnostic (ferumoxytol-enhanced MRI)

procedure: Surgery

drug: Ferumoxytol

other: Tissue Analysis

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