Pediatric Heart Transplantation: Transitioning to Adult Care

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Trial ID: NCT02090257


The purpose of this pilot trial, Transitioning to Adult Care (TRANSIT), is to develop and test an intervention (i.e., a standardized, tailored transition program focused on enhancing adherence) to improve outcomes for emerging adults who underwent heart transplantation as children and transfer to adult care.

Official Title

Pediatric Heart Transplantation: Transitioning to Adult Care

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Inclusion Criteria:

   - Have received a heart transplant at a children's hospital and are ready to transition,
   as determined by the pediatric heart transplant cardiologist, to the adult heart
   transplant center with whom a collaborative relationship has been established;

   - 18 years or older;

   - Able to speak, read at a fifth grade level or above, and write English;

   - Physically able to participate.

Exclusion Criteria:

   - History of psychiatric hospitalization within the last 3 months, assessed on a
   case-by-case basis with exclusion only if patients could not potentially benefit from
   the intervention.


behavioral: TRANSIT

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