Precision Diets for Diabetes Prevention


Trial ID: NCT03919877


With this study the investigators want to understand the physiological differences for people developing pre-diabetes and diabetes. The investigators hypothesize that different individuals go through different paths in the development of the disease. By understanding the personal mechanism for developing disease, the investigators will find a personalized approach to prevent that development. The investigators are also hoping to be able to find a biomarker that will pinpoint to the particular defect and thus, diagnose the problem at an earlier stage and have the information to give personalized diet recommendations to prevent the development of diabetes more effectively.

Official Title

Precision Diets for Diabetes Prevention

Stanford Investigator(s)


Inclusion Criteria:

* Be 18 years of age or older;
* Not be pregnant, if female;

Exclusion Criteria:

* Have major organ disease, hypertension defined as \>160/100, pregnant/lactating, diabetogenic medications, malabsorptive disorders like celiac sprue, others, heavy alcohol use, use of weight loss medications or specific diets, weight change \> 2 kg in the last three weeks, history of bariatric surgery.
* Any medical condition that physicians believe would interfere with study participation or evaluation of results.
* Mental incapacity a nd/or cognitive impairment on the part of the patient that would preclude adequate understanding of, or cooperation with, the study protocol.


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