PRP as Adjuvant Treatment to CTR for Severe CTS Tunnel Syndrome

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Trial ID: NCT04811287


This study assesses the potential benefit of adjuvant platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with carpal tunnel release (CTR) for patients with severe carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). CTR is a rather common procedure performed and seems to be quite effective for those with moderate CTS, but a number of patients with severe CTS do not have quite the same response post-CTR. The investigators will recruit patients who fall into the severe CTS category and compare CTR with and without adjuvant PRP to see if PRP can improve outcomes of this common surgery.

Official Title

Utilizing Platelet-Rich Plasma as an Adjuvant to Carpal Tunnel Release for Severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Stanford Investigator(s)

Michael Fredericson, MD
Michael Fredericson, MD

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery


Inclusion Criteria:

   1. Adult age 18 years and up.

   2. Diagnosed with severe CTS based on EMG/NCS, meaning those with evidence of axonal loss
   (absent or low amplitude median sensory nerve action potential and/or absent or low
   amplitude median motor nerve action potential and/or evidence of abnormal spontaneous
   activity, reduced recruitment, or motor unit action potential changes on needle EMG of
   median innervated muscles).

Exclusion Criteria:

   1. Younger than age 18 years (minor status).

   2. Diagnosed with concomitant peripheral neuropathy.

   3. Previous CTR on the affected side.

   4. Have contraindications to PRP (platelet dysfunction syndrome, critical
   thrombocytopenia, hemodynamic instability, septicemia, local infection at site of
   procedure, consistent use of NSAIDs within 48 hours of procedure, steroid injection at
   treatment site within 1 month, systemic use of steroids within 2 weeks, tobacco use,
   recent fever or illness, or cancer).


device: Carpal Tunnel Release with Platelet-Rich Plasma

procedure: Carpal Tunnel Release without Platelet-Rich Plasma

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