Remote Monitoring of Respiratory Health

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Trial ID: NCT04739943


Recently, interest in ways to monitor and care for patients remotely has significantly increased due to concerns for infection control as well as a way to increase access to regular clinic visits that may be limited for socioeconomic and geographic reasons. However, remote care can be limited by a lack of objective data to help guide clinical care. With respect to respiratory disease, caring for patients remotely may be enhanced by the ability of patients to monitor at home such things as vital signs, lung sounds, and lung function by spirometry. Enhanced methods to follow symptoms and track medication compliance may also be beneficial. These enhancements could improve care and quality of life both for persons with acute respiratory illnesses and those with chronic respiratory disease (such as asthma or COPD). The purpose of this study is to develop and study methods for patients to monitor their respiratory health at home and make that data available to medical providers to improve their care.

Official Title

Remote Monitoring of Respiratory Health

Stanford Investigator(s)

R. Sharon Chinthrajah
R. Sharon Chinthrajah

Associate Professor of Medicine (Sean Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research - Clinic) and of Pediatrics


Inclusion Criteria:

   - age 1 month or older with a diagnosis of chronic respiratory disease (ex. asthma,
   COPD), an acute respiratory illness or a healthy volunteer

   - able to consent or assent with parental consent

Exclusion Criteria:

   - people who do not consent

   - significant cognitive impairment

   - non-English speaking


device: Mobile Monitoring Device

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