Spinal Cord Injury Vocational Integration Program (SCI-VIP)

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Trial ID: NCT00117806


This study involves research about how to help Veterans with spinal cord injury (SCI) gain employment. During the first couple of years following SCI, many people are concentrating on their rehabilitation and are unable to afford the time for return to work. However, studies have shown people often regain the necessary strength and function about two years after SCI to resume activities of daily living very similar to what they experienced prior to the SCI. Even though many social and legal efforts have been made in the last decade to improve chances for people with disabilities to return to work, Veterans with SCI are sometimes hindered in finding employment because of age, past work history, and many other factors. Other Veterans with SCI are very successful at finding employment either working for themselves or working for a company. The investigators know very little about what issues Veterans with SCI face when they attempt to find employment after SCI. The study will analyze both quantitative and qualitative measures to maximize its findings.

Official Title

A Spinal Cord Injury Vocational Integration Program: Implementation and Outcomes

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Inclusion Criteria:

   - Between the ages of 18 and 65 years old - Spinal cord injured as a result of trauma or

   - Medically and neurologically stable

   - Lives within the metropolitan area that is proximal to the VAMC (Cleveland, Dallas,
   Houston, San Diego, St. Louis)

   - Has access to transportation

   - Expresses an interest in competitive employment as an outcome of participation

   - Willingly signs a consent form indicating voluntary and informed participation in the

Exclusion Criteria:

   - Medically and/or surgically unstable

   - Unwilling to complete the consenting process

   - Mentally impaired such that independent reasoning and judgment jeopardize safety of
   self and others

   - Currently involved in untreated alcohol and/or drug dependency

   - Employed in a compensated job at the time of recruitment and earning above SGA
   ($940/month in 2008) - Lives more than approximately 100 miles from the participating
   VAMC SCI Center


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behavioral: Arm 2

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