Strength Training Regimen for Normal Weight Diabetics

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Trial ID: NCT02448498


The Strength Training Regimen in Normal Weight Diabetics (STRONG-D) study will examine the effectiveness of different exercise regimen types in controlling diabetes for the normal weight type 2 diabetes population.

Stanford Investigator(s)

Latha Palaniappan, MD, MS
Latha Palaniappan, MD, MS

Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine) and, by courtesy, of Epidemiology and Population Health


Inclusion Criteria:

   - Recent hemoglobin A1c result between 6.5%-13%

   - Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

   - BMI between 18.5 -25 kg/m2

   - Blood pressure < 160/100

   - Sedentary lifestyle

   - Able and willing to enroll and meet requirements of the study

Exclusion Criteria:

   - Age less than 30 years or greater than 75 years

   - Type 1 diabetes or use of insulin pump

   - Triglycerides >500 mg/dL

   - Use of weight loss medication

   - Bariatric surgery

   - Consumes >14 alcoholic drinks per week

   - Pregnancy

   - Plans to be away for more than four weeks

   - Medical conditions which would prevent long-term participation or which would
   contraindicate physical activity


behavioral: Exercise Intervention

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