SPRINT: Signature for Pain Recovery IN Teens


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Trial ID: NCT04285112


To identify biological and phenotypic prognostic markers of recovery vs. persistence of pain and functional disability in adolescents with chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Official Title

SPRINT: Signature for Pain Recovery IN Teens

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Inclusion Criteria:

   1. The child has a diagnosis of Chronic widespread pain or Chronic primary
   musculoskeletal pain (other than orofacial) derived from ICD-11 (MG30.0; chronic
   primary pain is pain in 1 or more anatomic regions that persists for > 3 months, is
   associated with significant distress or functional disability and cannot be better
   explained by another chronic pain condition (e.g., arthritis, lupus)

   2. Age between 11-18 years

   3. Moderate to Severe Functional Disability (FDI ≥13)

   4. English proficiency (reading, speaking)

   5. Moderate to severe average pain (VAS ≥30/100)

Exclusion Criteria:

   1. Significant cognitive impairment (e.g., severe brain injury)

   2. Claustrophobia

   3. Significant medical disease (e.g., systemic or central nervous system)

   4. Severe psychiatric or neurological conditions (e.g., eating disorder, psychosis)

   5. Pregnancy

   6. MRI incompatibility (braces, pacemaker)

   7. Weight > 285 lbs.

   8. History of > 1 month opioid treatment.


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