The Philani Mobile Video Intervention for Exclusive Breastfeeding (MOVIE) Study

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Trial ID: NCT03688217


This cluster-randomized controlled trial seeks to evaluate the impact of a mobile video intervention for exclusive breastfeeding (MOVIE) on the infant feeding practices of mothers living in under-resourced communities in the Western Cape, South Africa. The trial will compare infant feeding practices in two groups of participants, enrolled in the Philani Mentor-Mother Outreach Program, a home-visiting program focused on community-based health promotion through peer-to-peer counseling. The participants in the intervention arm will receive the Philani Intervention Model (PIM), a perinatal health promotion intervention, together with the additional mobile, video intervention for exclusive breastfeeding. The participants in the control arm will receive only the standard PIM. Participants will be exposed to either the intervention or the control condition during pregnancy and the first five months after delivery. The central hypothesis in this trial is that, when compared with the control group, infant feeding practices in the intervention group will be significantly better aligned with current World Health Organization recommendations, after exposure to the Philani MOVIE intervention. The primary outcomes in this study are short-term exclusive breastfeeding, in the first month of life, and long-term exclusive breastfeeding, in the fifth month of life, (based on maternal 24-hour recall). Secondary outcomes include other infant feeding practices, such as early initiation of breastfeeding, any breastfeeding in the first month and in the fifth month of life, bottle-feeding, early introduction of complementary foods in the first month and in the fifth month of life and maternal knowledge in the first month and the fifth month post delivery.

Official Title

The Philani Mobile Video Intervention for Exclusive Breastfeeding (MOVIE) Study: a Cluster-randomized Controlled Trial of a Mobile Video Entertainment-education Intervention to Promote Exclusive Breastfeeding in South Africa

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Inclusion Criteria:

   - consenting pregnant clients, 20-40 weeks pregnant

   - at least 18 years of age

   - living within the catchment areas of the 84 mentor-mother CHWs taking part in this

   - enrolled in the Philani Mentor Mother Outreach Program

Exclusion Criteria:

   - non-pregnant

   - younger than 18 years of age


behavioral: Philani Intervention Model+MOVIE (PIM+M)

behavioral: Philani Intervention Model (PIM)

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