Trigger Point Injections Versus Lidocaine Patch for Myofascial Pain in the Emergency Department


Trial ID: NCT05151510


The aim of this trial is to investigate the efficacy of trigger point injections with 1% lidocaine in reducing myofascial back and neck pain in the Emergency Department compared to lidocaine patches 5%.

Official Title

A Randomized Controlled Study Comparing Trigger Point Injections With 1% Lidocaine Versus 5% Lidocaine Patch for Myofascial Pain in the Emergency Department

Stanford Investigator(s)

Jon B. Lee, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine


Inclusion Criteria:

   - 18 years or older

   - Diagnosed with myofascial pain of the posterior neck or back. *The diagnosis of
   myofascial pain was based on established criteria of having a palpable taut band
   (trigger point) that when depressed reproduced the patient's pain.

Exclusion Criteria:

   - midline spinal tenderness

   - evidence of radiculopathy

   - pregnant

   - have an allergy to lidocaine

   - altered or deemed incapable of making informed consent

   - had signs of infection or skin breakdown over the trigger point.


procedure: Trigger point injection with 1% lidocaine

drug: Lidocaine patch 5%


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School of Medicine
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Stanford, CA 94305