VISN Collaborative for Improving Hypertension Management With ATHENA-HTN

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Trial ID: NCT00374452


This project is a VA HSR\&D-funded Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) project to translate into practice evidence about clinical management of primary hypertension. The project aims to contribute to quality improvement of care for patients with primary hypertension. The project implemented a clinical decision support (CDS) system for primary care clinicians and evaluated the implementation by studying the following: impact on the clinicians' prescribing and their patients' blood pressures; the clinician satisfaction with the CDS; and organizational factors in the implementation.

Official Title

VISN Collaborative for Improving Hypertension Management With ATHENA-HTN

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Inclusion Criteria:

* Must be primary care clinicians (for example, physician or nurse practitioner) at one of the participating VA medical centers. This study is NOT recruiting patients.
* The primary care clinician must have a panel of patients for whom he or she provides direct care.

Exclusion Criteria:

* Anyone who does not meet inclusion criteria.


other: ATHENA-CDS-HTN plus Guideline Link

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