Web-based Implementation for the Science of Enhancing Resilience Study

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Trial ID: NCT02603133


Resilience means a healthcare provider's ability to cope, recover, and learn from stressful events, as well as their access to resources that promote health and well-being. Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) health professionals' need to have particularly good resilience, because their work is extremely stressful and their patients, fragile preterm infants, require their undivided attention. The investigators propose a feasible and engaging intervention to enhance resilience among NICU health professionals promoting their ability to provide safe care.

Official Title

Web-based Implementation for the Science of Enhancing Resilience Study

Stanford Investigator(s)


Inclusion Criteria:

   1. Location: newborn center, i.e. the NICU or a step down unit

   2. Provider:

      1. Primary work place is the Newborn Center

      2. Full time equivalent of >=40%

      3. Date of hire more than 4 weeks prior to start of the intervention

   3. Provider groups:

      1. Attendings that identify your newborn center as their primary site of work (not
      physicians from satellite NICUs)

      2. NICU fellows

      3. Nurse practitioners

      4. Physician Assistants

      5. Nurses, including nurse leadership (managers, educators)

      6. Nurse Assistant

      7. Respiratory care providers

      8. Transport specialists if primarily neonatal transport team

      9. Newborn Center Social workers

   10. Newborn Center Clerks

   11. Newborn Center Pharmacists

   12. Newborn Center Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Developmental Therapists

   13. Newborn Center Nutritionists

   14. Newborn Center Lactation Consultants

Exclusion Criteria:

   1. Location: Labor and delivery or the newborn nursery

   2. Provider: Work is delivered mostly outside the newborn center (this may affect
   providers who delivery services across the hospital such as residents, surgeons,
   anesthesia, consultants, nutritionists, PT/OT (these are included if they are mostly
   dedicated to the newborn center)

   3. Float personnel

   4. Does not speak english

   5. Cannot operate computer or smart phone


behavioral: Three Good Things

behavioral: Gratitude

behavioral: Random Acts of Kindess

behavioral: Awe

behavioral: 1 Good Chat

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